Healthy employees are happy employees, and happy employees are productive employees. Studies show that employers lose thousands of dollars each year due to unhealthy employees and absenteeism. When employees are sick and unable to work, it not only affects your bottom line, but it also increases your group insurance rates. Spending money on the front end will definitely save you money on the back end and in turn, will create a healthier and happier workplace.

Our advisors will work with your team to develop a wellness program for your workplace. We will work to outsource and coordinate any of the following. You choose from the menu on what you would like to implement:

Smoking cessation programs
Weight management programs
Fitness programs
Annual or Semi-Annual Health Screening
Nutrition counseling
Employee assistance programs

To get started, please click here to complete our needs analysis form and we will be in touch! You can also call us at 651-222-7631 with any questions or send us an email to info@relianthradvisors.com