Whether your company or organization needs a short-term temporary contract employee or you want to test the waters and try out an employee before making a commitment, or you are searching for a long-term full-time employee, Reliant HR Advisors can assist you.

TEMPORARY CONTRACT: A Short-Term or Long-Term Solution

Utilizing Temporary Contract employees can offer companies an alternative solution to meeting their staffing needs where there is not a current need for a long-term direct placement. Special projects, leave of absences, vacations, seasonal crunch-time and other situations all cause a gap in staffing and lost productivity, which negatively impacts the bottom line.

Reliant HR Advisors talks to new candidates every day; that is what we do and we are experts at cultivating top talent. We have a proprietary database of top talent, ready to go when you need one or more employees to cover the gap created the above examples. We can bring you top talent in a quick and efficient manner.

Although a Temporary Contract Employee is an employee of Reliant HR Advisors, they will be working side-by-side with company employees, functioning as a team member to maintain and increase productivity without missing a beat. We promise to communicate on a regular basis with our contractor(s) as well as our clients while they are out on assignment to ensure that all questions are answered and to address and resolve any issues that may arise.

CONTRACT-TO-HIRE: Maximum Benefit For Both Candidate and Employer

The Contract-To-Hire (otherwise known as temp-to-hire) option can be an attractive choice for both the candidate and the employer.

The Candidate

The Contract-To-Hire option is attractive to the candidate as it gives them a chance to experience the culture and the environment of a prospective employer before they commit to becoming a regular employee.  Let’s call it “testing the waters” or “trying it out” before you make a life changing decision.

The Employer

The Contract-to-Hire option can be equally attractive to the employer.  Why commit to a permanent hire before you are ready?  With our contract-to-hire service you can assess how a candidate will perform and whether or not they will fit your culture before committing to a long-term placement on your payroll.  The candidate will remain our employee until you are ready to extend an offer.  If the employer determines that the candidate is not a good fit, there is no risk.  We will contact the employee and let them know.

DIRECT PLACEMENT: When Client Has An Immediate Need To Fill A Vacancy

Reliant HR Advisors sources and recruits top talent every day. This is what we do and we are very good. Many of our candidates are “passive” candidates, meaning that most of them are gainfully employed, but would consider a new position if the right opportunity was presented to them. “Passive” candidates are not candidates an employer will typically see in response to an advertisement for the position. We know how to find them. In fact, 50% or more of our candidates are referrals from other candidates we have worked with.

Save the time and expense of advertising, recruiting, screening and interviewing candidates by allowing Reliant HR Advisors do the legwork for you. We will help you source better talent in a shorter time frame, and we will only present you with the top three candidates we believe are best suited for you to select from.

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