Performance evaluations are very important to an organization as they benefit both the employer and the employee. It gives a chance for supervisor(s) and their employees to sit down 1:1 to discuss how they are doing, provide feedback, to recognize high performance and to set future expectations. Employees like to be evaluated and they crave feedback. It is very important for a supervisor to discuss areas of opportunity, but it is equally important for that supervisor to relate employee strengths to their team members. Studies show that an effective performance review process has been proven to increase employee productivity, and create a good rapport between workers and management.

Our staff can tailor a performance review program to your company. This can be either developing a new performance management system or assessing and fine-tuning your existing program.

Our process involves the following:

Work with your management team to identify the core competencies necessary to be a successful member of your team
Design the actual performance appraisal form and guides for management
Conduct a tailored training program for management so they are confident in communicating the information to each team member
Implement processes within the performance appraisal such as any disciplinary/corrective action necessary, how to create a performance improvement plan if necessary, and to tie results in to pay for performance to establish merit increases for your compensation planning

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