At Reliant HR Advisors, we believe that it is very important to know as much about our clients as possible before we can be successful partnering with them. Therefore, each of our clients are asked to completed a no cost needs analysis. The analysis can either be completed online by clicking here or we can make an appointment to go over the analysis via a telephone conversation or in person.

Once the analysis has been completed, we will sit down and review your answers to the questions to determine which human resource disciplines need attention. We will then generate a summary with our recommendations and provide it to you. This summary will be very specific, and will address areas that we believe need immediate attention and those that we recommend be addressed at some point, but not necessarily an immediate need.

You may also identify other needs while going through this process, and we would be happy to discuss those as well.

To get started, please click here to complete our needs analysis form and we will be in touch! You can also call us at 651-222-7631 with any questions or send us an email to info@relianthradvisors.com