Employee Training & Development

Many studies have shown that employees stay longer with an employer who take cares of them and believes in their professional development. So what’s in it for you, the employer? We’ve all heard the saying that as a manager, “if you surround yourself with smart people, it will positively reflect on you”. This is a win/win for everyone and will definitely impact your bottom line.

Without an HR Department, training can became difficult to develop and implement. Our advisors provide great training and development opportunities in the areas of:


Sexual Harassment
Conflict Resolution
Time Management Skills
MS Office Basics


Conducting Successful Performance Reviews
Proper Interviewing Skills
Having Difficult Conversations/Discipline or Terminations
Running a Successful Recognition Program
Employee Engagement
Coaching on Proper Investigations

Employee training can help you increase retention, improve employee productivity and performance and thus increase your bottom line.

The above content is just a sampling of training that we can provide. If you have other ideas, please let us know and we would be happy to get a training program developed. In fact, we are always looking for new topics for training!

To get started, please click here to complete our needs analysis form and we will be in touch! You can also call us at 651-222-7631 with any questions or send us an email to info@relianthradvisors.com