The most difficult, as well as rewarding aspect of running a successful business is human capital. Maintaining good employee relations with your employees ensures increased morale, decreased workplace conflict and also helps in increasing overall productivity, therefore improving the bottom line.

If your business or organization has employees, you have most likely been involved with one of the following situations, either current or in the past:

Difficult terminations
Harassment claims and allegations
Managing difficult employees
Low employee morale and/or motivation
Attendance issues
Confrontational employees
General complaints
Employee or supervisor misconduct
The cost of dealing with the above situations, especially if disgruntled employees file a claim against you, is astounding. Claims such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, EEOC claims, and other types of claims can cost thousands of dollars to defend. These types of claims can put you at high risk if they are not handled appropriately. That’s where we can assist.

At Reliant HR Advisors, we have a lot of experience in employee relations. We can guide you through the proper investigation process or we can come on-site and conduct the investigation for you. We can also provide training to your management team to improve and maintain excellent employee relations with their team members. Employers will all say that human capital is their greatest asset, yet few make employee relations a priority.

Managing a diverse workforce is challenging to say the very least. Making sure you are compliant and up to date on latest state and federal regulations is even more complex. To protect your company and your assets, it is imperative that you stay up-to-date. In order to do this, Reliant HR Advisors can assist you with the following services:

Policy Development
Creating Compliant Job Descriptions
Employee Engagement Surveys
Management/Leadership Development
Employee Recognition Programs
Compliance/Regulation Updates

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