An employee handbook is an essential tool for any company to help protect your business from legal battles and unnecessary headaches. A well-designed handbook will establish the foundation of your company’s employer/employee relationship, and you should trust only qualified human resource professionals to develop this important document or revise and update an existing document. We at Reliant HR Advisors can help clearly define your HR policies and create a professional employee handbook so that your company is not vulnerable to potential legal issues.

A well-designed and well-written handbook should include the following information:

The disclaimer
Company goals and mission statement
Sexual harassment and anti-discrimination policies
Leave Policies
Disciplinary Policies
Workplace Violence and Conflict Resolution
Workplace Bullying
Social Media
Problem Resolution Procedure
Time Off
Compensation and Benefits
Reasonable Accommodations
Our staff is experienced in developing highly effective and enforceable handbooks that are specific to your industry and your organization. We will not produce a generic handbook as a “one size fits all” because we know that it does not. The goal is to develop a professional guide that will provide your employees with clear expectations and guidance, as well as clearly defined policies and procedures. This will reduce your liability and keep you compliant.

One of our advisors will meet with you to ask key questions to obtain the necessary information to develop your company handbook. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all HR disciplines, and we can help you achieve the following:

Develop clear policies and procedures for your workplace
Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
Provide the required disclosures for your employees

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