Planning and development of competitive and fair compensation and benefits  is very challenging and delicate to balance.  It is very important to find the right blend. You need to provide competitive wages and benefits if you want to attract and retain top talent.  However, if your pay and benefits are too high, your profitability and future growth could be impacted.  On the other hand, if you pay below the competition or the industry standard, and/or do not provide adequate benefits, you may not attract top talent and this also will negatively impact your business. Or, your new hire may accept your offer until a more competitive offer comes along and consequently, retention of great hires will be difficult.

Our professional advisors continuously monitor labor data, as well as economic and marketing trends to develop a competitive analysis.  Keeping up on these trends better equips us to develop professional and effective compensation and employee benefit plans for your organization.

The benefits of effectively structured compensation and benefit plans include:

Increasing your ROI
Attracting and retaining top talent, while lowering overall labor costs
Taking this time-consuming function off your plate so that you can concentrate on strategies to grow your business
Ensuring that you are compliant
Reliant HR Advisors are highly competent in compensation and benefit planning, and our services include the following:

Compensation planning and development
Benefit planning and development
Development of performance-based incentive programs
Creation of job descriptions
Development of performance evaluations

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