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Who We Are

Reliant HR Advisors is a Twin Cities, MN based, HR Consulting firm, established to provide a comprehensive menu of services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Midwest. Many companies are not large enough to justify the cost of employing a full-time, on-site HR Professional. We can provide you with temporary and/or ongoing HR Services, without this added cost.

Here at Reliant HR Advisors, we strive to develop long-term partnerships with our clients by learning more about your business and understanding your current and future HR needs, based on the strategic direction of your company. Our main objective is to help your company improve return on your most valuable resource, human capital, while minimizing your company’s liability. We will partner with you to build an efficient infrastructure so that you may increase productivity and grow your company.

Many businesses are not equipped to keep up with the HR administrative functions of their business and yet maintain compliance with the constant change in state and federal regulations. Outsourcing your human resources functions remotely to Reliant HR Advisors allows your team to focus on your strategic business initiatives to increase productivity and ultimately increase your bottom line.

What We Promise- What We Deliver

We handle a variety of HR Functions, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Talent Search and Recruiting
  • Employee Handbooks/Policy Development
  • Compensation/Benefits Planning & Development
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Wellness Programs
  • Employee Relations
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Training & Development

We can provide other services as requested.

To get started, please click here to complete our needs analysis form and we will be in touch! You can also call us at 651-222-7631 with any questions or send us an email to